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Lemon Loomy Yellow Ground

Lemon Loomy Yellow Ground

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This Middle Eastern product is limes that are dried using the shade which offers the yellowish, brownish color. Lemon Loomy Yellow is a perfect ingredient to use in many soups and stews along with adding a tangy citrusy flavor to virtually any dish.

**Dried Lemon Yellow Ground: A Citrusy Flavor Booster**


*Dried Lemon Yellow Ground* refers to dehydrated yellow lemons that have been ground into a powdered form. This ground lemon product intensifies the citrus flavor and aroma, making it a convenient and versatile ingredient for culinary applications.

**Culinary Uses:**

1. **Seasoning:** Ground dried lemon yellow can be used as a seasoning to add a tangy and citrusy kick to a variety of dishes. Sprinkle it over grilled vegetables, salads, or roasted meats.

2. **Baking:** Incorporate ground dried lemon yellow into baking recipes such as cakes, muffins, and cookies for a burst of citrus flavor. It can also be used in glazes and icings.

3. **Spice Blends:** Mix ground dried lemon yellow with herbs and spices to create custom spice blends for marinades, rubs, or dressings.

4. **Tea and Infusions:** Add a pinch of ground dried lemon yellow to hot water for a quick and convenient lemon tea. It can also be used to infuse flavor into beverages, sauces, or soups.

5. **Condiments:** Mix it into mayonnaise, yogurt, or sauces to create citrus-infused condiments that complement a variety of dishes.


To maintain the freshness and flavor of ground dried lemon yellow, store it in a sealed container in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


Ground dried lemon yellow is a versatile kitchen staple that brings the essence of lemon to your culinary creations. Its concentrated form allows for easy incorporation into a wide range of recipes, providing a tangy and citrusy flavor boost.

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