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Nabulsee Cheese (vacuum sealed packaging)- 1 KG

Nabulsee Cheese (vacuum sealed packaging)- 1 KG

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Nabulsee Cheese is preserved in high Authentic way, you will taste Salty. Nabulsee Cheese comes in a vacuumed sealed bag. Before consuming, you need to soak in water with Warm Luke water for 3-4 times depending upon your taste and preference.

Nabulsee Cheese is a Palestinian white brined, rectangular cheese, very popular amongst the Middle East. This cheese originated in the city of Nablus and is the main cheese used in the popular sweet, kunafa. Not only is this cheese used in sweets, but its a great addition during breakfast and lunch especially when pan fried.

Please be aware that this is shipped in a vacuumed pack per kilo to help preserve the product.

**Product Description - Nabulsee Cheese (1 KG, Vacuum Sealed):**

**Key Features:**
1. **Palestinian Brined Cheese:** Nabulsee Cheese is a white brined cheese, known for its unique texture and flavor that results from the brining process.

2. **Cultural Significance:** Originating in Nablus, this cheese is deeply rooted in Palestinian culinary traditions and is a key ingredient in the iconic dessert kunafa.

3. **Rectangular Shape:** Nabulsee Cheese is typically molded into a rectangular shape, making it easy to slice and incorporate into various dishes.

**Culinary Uses:**
1. **Kunafa:** Nabulsee Cheese is a essential component in the preparation of kunafa, a popular Middle Eastern sweet pastry. The cheese is often sandwiched between layers of shredded pastry dough and baked to perfection.

2. **Pan Fried:** Enjoy Nabulsee Cheese as a savory addition to breakfast or lunch by pan-frying slices until golden brown. The cheese develops a delightful crust while maintaining a soft interior.

3. **Cheese Platters:** Include Nabulsee Cheese in cheese platters or mezze spreads, pairing it with olives, fresh vegetables, and traditional flatbreads.

**How to Use:**
- For kunafa, layer shredded pastry dough with slices of Nabulsee Cheese before baking. Top with sugar syrup or honey for a sweet treat.

- Pan-fry Nabulsee Cheese slices in a lightly oiled pan until golden on both sides. Serve warm as a side dish or snack.

Nabulsee Cheese is shipped in a vacuum-sealed 1 KG pack, ensuring freshness and preserving the product during transit. The vacuum-sealed packaging helps maintain the cheese's quality and extends its shelf life.

Store Nabulsee Cheese in the refrigerator. Once opened, reseal the vacuum pack or transfer the cheese to an airtight container to maintain its texture and prevent drying.

**Note:** The brining process gives Nabulsee Cheese its characteristic salty flavor. Adjust the quantity based on personal taste preferences, especially when using it in sweet or savory dishes.

In summary, Nabulsee Cheese in a 1 KG vacuum-sealed pack is a versatile and culturally significant cheese, perfect for creating traditional Middle Eastern dishes like kunafa or enjoying pan-fried slices. The packaging ensures that the cheese arrives fresh and ready to enhance a variety of culinary delights.

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Nansi Elayan

Nabulsee Cheese (vacuum sealed packaging)- 1 KG

Linda Morrar
1st on line order

Everything arrived as expected we enjoyed the anise cookies so much one problem though the olive out plastic jar was leaking that god I was able to open the jar and move to glass jar.

Faisal & Sanaa Warrayat

This order was very well packaged together, and it arrived on time. The products were amazing this was a great experience.

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